Self-Pub. / Consignment

Self-Published / Consignment Sale

Consignment Program

Our consignment program allows the UCLA Store BookZone to carry and feature a much wider variety of self-published and print on demand titles than we could through traditional purchasing. Our buyer surveys a broad variety of titles & publishers but will certainly miss titles that our customers might be interested in. The consignment program is a back door to give authors whose books we don't stock and who believe their works would sell well in our store a chance to show us what we're missing. When consignment books achieve a solid sales history, they become eligible for conversion to a wholesale arrangement.

- Books must have a spine displaying the title and author's name (no spiral-bound books).
- Upon sale, we pay 60% of the pretax sales price for a consignment title.
- The basic administrative fee for consignment is $25.
- BookZone agrees to display books on a consignment basis for a minimum of 3 months. As books sell, we may request additional copies from consignor.
- If there is a 3-month period without sales, we will return books by mail.
- At the end of the consignment period, we will send any unsold books and any payment

Store Placement

The UCLA Store BookZone will determine the proper shelving placement for your title based on our clientele and applicable store category. Books will be shelved according to store guidelines and our consignment program does not include special placement or face-out v. spine out shelving. Your book may be included in applicable promotional displays in the front areas of the store and the title will be eligible for applicable promotional discounts to customers without impacting your 60% consignment rate.

Consignment Tips

- Encourage friends, family, and other contacts to purchase your book at BookZone.
- Contact your local media and mailing lists to announce that your book is available at BookZone.
- Send out press releases, review copies, and other promotional materials.
- Get involved with book clubs, libraries, and other community organizations. Greater success comes from a wide array of author-coordinated promotion.
- Interested in participating in our consignment program?
- Send your book & contact information via email to [email protected]
- We understand that this program won't appeal to every author and we welcome feedback.

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