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ANNOUNCEMENTS  are available for pickup 2 weeks after you have paid for your order. Place your order before May 18 to guarantee that announcements will be ready before Commencement. After May 18, turn-around time will vary, depending on our order volume.

CAP & GOWNS are available for pickup beginning May 26th in the Textbook area of A-level Ackerman Union, across from Graduation Etc. If you wait until after June 5, your preferred size may no longer be available. Bachelors’ caps and gowns are keepsakes and need not be returned. Master and Doctoral gowns and hoods are rentals. The deadline to return Masters and Doctoral regalia to Graduation Etc. is 5 pm Friday, June 19th, 2020. If you fail to return rented regalia by this date, a hold may be placed on your records until the regalia is returned and a $50 late fee is paid.
FOURRAGERES  are braided cords worn at the shoulder. Chancellor’s Service Award Winners wear the blue and gold fourragere on the right shoulder. The top 15% of Bachelor’s Candidates are entitled to wear the gold fourragere on the left shoulder. Beginning June 1, fourrageres are available at Graduation Etc. for purchase. Students may keep the fourragere, or return it to Graduation Etc. by 5 pm Friday, June 19th, 2020 for a full refund.

DIPLOMA DISPLAY delivery times vary. If you choose a Diploma Frame, Medallion Frame, Athens Diploma Frame, or Royce Hall Lithograph Frame, it will be available for pickup with your cap and gown. Diplomas are available from the Registrar’s Office in Murphy Hall about four months after your graduation date. For June graduates, diplomas are typically available the following October or November.


There is no shipping of Graduation Etc. orders. All orders must be picked up by students.

GRAD. ETC. CAP & GOWNS are available for pickup beginning May 26th in the Textbook area of A-level Ackerman Union, across from Graduation Etc. If you wait until after June 5th, your preferred size may no longer be available, and you are much more likely to encounter long lines and delays. Please do NOT plan to pick up your regalia on Commencement Weekend.

GRAD ETC. DIPLOMA covers and frames may be picked up with cap & gowns beginning May 26th, and must be picked up before September 25th, 2020.

CAMPUS PHOTO STUDIO PORTRAITS: Campus Photo Studio portraits ordered online follow the standard shipping schedule and prices. Digital Images are delivered via email free of shipping charges.


Please make your selection with care. Graduation Etc. and Campus Photo Studio merchandise is custom-ordered; no refunds, returns, or exchanges are accepted.


When can I start ordering my Cap and Gown for graduation?
Students may order their graduation related materials beginning February 3rd, 2020

Where can I order my graduation materials?
All ordering is done online for your convenience at 
www.uclastore.com by clicking on the Grad Etc. link and clicking on the order cap and gown link.

What is the turnaround time for announcements?
Announcements are available for pick up here at Grad Etc (A Level of Ackerman Union), 2 weeks from the date of purchase. Please be aware if you choose the Pay In Store option during checkout, we will not go into production on your announcements until after you have paid in full.

Can I rush my announcement order?
Yes. Rush service for announcements is available for an additional $20. Your rushed announcements will be available for pick up 24 hours from the time you place the rush during regular business hours.

When and where do I pick up the remainder of my graduation order?
Everything, other than announcements, will be available for pick up during Distribution in the Textbook area of A Level of Ackerman union beginning May 26th, 2019.

Are Caps and Gowns rented or can we keep them?
Undergraduates are the only students who are allowed to keep their cap and gowns. Master and Doctoral students must return their gown and hood. The cap and tassels are yours to keep.

Where do we drop off our rented graduation regalia?
Master and Doctoral students must return their rentals no later than 5pm on the Friday following commencement weekend which is June 19th, 2020. You can return your regalia immediately following your ceremony or by dropping them off at Grad Etc. (A Level of Ackerman Union) during normal business hours prior to June 19h. Please note that all regalia returned after June 19th will be subject to a $50 late fee and holds will be placed on your official school records if regalia is not returned.

Sashes. Where can I buy them and are they mandatory?
Graduation sashes are not a mandatory item for graduation however they are wildly popular. Class of 2020 sashes will sell out prior to Commencement Weekend so make sure to either purchase one over the counter at Grad Etc or purchase one online while ordering your Cap and Gown. Sashes purchased over the counter at Grad Etc. are yours immediately however sashes purchased online cannot be picked up until Distribution begins on May 26th, 2019.

Do you ship my graduation related materials?
No, we do not ship graduation related materials for those ordering their cap and gown and announcements. All items must be picked up and signed off by the student in person. 

I am not in town. Can a friend pick up my Cap and Gown and graduation materials?
Yes however your friend will need to bring a signed note authorizing them to pick up your materials. The note will need to have your name, student ID # and your signature. This must be on paper and left with us to put on file. Showing your approval electronically on a phone will not suffice.

How do I get my Latin Honor or Chancellors Service Award cords?
Honor cords are picked up in the Distribution area starting June 1st. No need to wait in the main line. Simply walk up to the counter and ask for cord pick up. We will find you on the list and sell you the cords. Following your ceremony, you can choose to keep your cords or return them within a week for a full refund.

Where do I get my graduation tickets?
You can get your tickets as well as ticket information from the Central Ticket Office.

Where can I get information about Class Rings?
While Grad Etc. does not sell class rings directly, we do host Jostens periodically when they come to campus. A Jostens representative will be at a table near the Campus Photo Studio on A Level of Ackerman Union three days out of every month during the months of September through June. This is a great time to purchase a ring as they normally have sale pricing and the Jostens representative is there to answer any questions and show you samples.

 All items, must be picked up by September 25th, 2019.


Medical School Students order deadline is February 22nd, 2019. Caps and gowns will be distributed from the Health Sciences Store on May 18th - May 27th. Announcements will be available on Match Day, March 20th.

CREDIT CARD ACCEPTANCE Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover are accepted.



Location: Graduation Etc. is located on A-level Ackerman Union opposite the Textbook department. Orders for June commencement are accepted beginning Feb 3rd. Cap and gowns are available for pick-up beginning May 26th.

Mailing Address: Graduation Etc, UCLA Store, 308 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Phone Number: 310-825-2587

E-Mail: [email protected]


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