New Student FAQs

Technologist FAQs for New Students
When's the best time to buy a computer for school?
Mid-summer usually presents the best opportunity to take advantage of popular summer promotions on hardware. The UCLA Store offers exclusive Bruin Bundle savings that can be combined with summer promotions from partners like Apple and Dell. Be sure to call us or check to get the latest deals!
Where do I get support?
The UCLA Computer Store's TechZone is a one stop shop for troubleshooting and repairing your computer hardware as well as mobile devices. We can also offer guidance on how to use your technology on campus, including helping you setup recurring backups of your data and setting up your UCLA accounts.
How do I know what computer is best for my major?
Most current computers will be able to handle the rigors of day to day academic life. However, disciplines such as Engineering, Architecture, Arts, and others will benefit from computers with stronger graphics processors and increased RAM. Ask our store technologists for suggestions! We also recommend checking in with your major's departmental website for any specific requirements and resources that are available to UCLA students.
What software do I need?
In general, you'll want your essential productivity software like Microsoft Office, which is provided FREE to all full-time UCLA students through the Bruin On-Line IT Services Department For creative disciplines, we offer Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription at academic discounts as well. Ask us about other FREE tools that UCLA offers to students like anti-virus and theft protection.
What accessories do you recommend?
First and foremost we recommend PROTECTING your devices and we have a great selection of cases for your computers, tablets, and smartphones. Secondly, we offer power packs to keep your mobile devices running all day and to keep you PRODUCTIVE. Finally, for the FUN things in life, we have a great selection of audio accessories and fitness gear to enhance your technology lifestyle.