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New England Review gives readers a vital snapshot of the literary moment, four times a year, in its richness, complexity, and diversity. They publish poetry and fiction in a variety of forms and styles -- from the formally adventurous to the startlingly traditional -- alongside a range of nonfiction, including personal essays, cultural revaluations, travelogues, and more. Translations are also a regular part of the mix, and once a year they highlight writing from another part of the world in a portfolio of international writing. While each piece in the magazine can be read and appreciated on its own, the issue as a whole is assembled with an eye to flow and thematic coherence or dissonance, creating a sum greater than its parts.

In This Issue

  • Tutorial by Lou Mathews
  • Alberto Prunetti's story of a Tuscan steel worker
  • Alfred Nobel climbs Eiffel's new tower: a novel excerpt by Hugh Coyle
  • Zoë Dutke races to stay ahead of malaria, drought, and personal loss in her adopted Eden
  • Stephanie Burt traces Delmore Schwartz's figures across the ice
  • Plus fifteen contemporary British poets, a selection edited by Marilyn Hacker

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