Unavailable Names
NCAA Regulations prevent using the name of any past or present or committed UCLA athlete or coach.
UCLA Retired Numbers
NCAA Regulations prevents the use of any retired UCLA number shown below
No. Basketball Player
11 Don Barksdale
25 Gail Goodrich
31 Ed O'Bannon
31 Reggie Miller
32 Bill Walton
33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
35 Sidney Wicks
42 Walt Hazzard
52 Jamaal Wilkes
54 Marques Johnson
No. Football Player
5 Kenny Easley
8 Troy Aikman
13 Kenny Washington
16 Gary Beban
34 Paul Cameron
38 Burr Baldwin
79 Jonathan Ogden
80 Donn Moomaw
84 Jerry Robinson
All Sports Recognition
42 Jackie Robinson
When ordering a custom jersey, first confirm your consideration complies with NCAA rules by doing an online search using "UCLA" followed by the name you've chosen. If someone of the same name has appeared on the roster of any UCLA NCAA sport team, your order will be declined. All orders are subject to additional review and approval.

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