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Use the list below to choose the most convenient way to contact us!

UCLA Store, Ackerman Union 310-825-7711 [email protected]
BearWear Mail Order - New Orders 800-UCLA-RAH [email protected]
BearWear Mail Order - Other Inquiries
9AM-5PM PST Monday-Friday
310-206-8051 [email protected]
BearWearUCLA Apparel and Accessories 310-206-0810 [email protected]
Ackerman Textbook Information 310-206-0791 [email protected]
Ackerman Online Textbook Order Inquiries 310-206-0784 [email protected]
Faculty Textbook Inquiries 310-206-0775 [email protected]
BookZoneGeneral Books 310-206-4041 [email protected]
Computer Store 310-825-6952 [email protected]
Graduation Etc. & Portrait Studio 310-825-2587 [email protected]
Health Sciences Store
(includes online textbook order inquiries)
310-825-7721 [email protected]
Lu Valle Commons Store
(includes online textbook order inquiries for Extension, Law, and Anderson)
310-825-7238 [email protected]

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